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Lightspeed Digital Media is a digital execution firm that focuses on content, strategies, marketing and building communities.

We work with clients across the globe and employ digital and social engineers to help small to large companies define their digital communication strategy and realise revenue through their online presence.

With a keen understanding of the value that great content has to play in the digital space, Lightspeed Digital Media is focused on both the realisation of short-term revenues and securing long-term growth opportunities. Our solutions are workable and yield results.

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Lightspeed Digital Media works with leading digital and social engineers across the globe to develop brand identities and web ecosystems. We are experts in creating rapid and relevant results.

Rapid Execution

We do extensive research and use our know-how to develop strategies and microservices to launch and employ solutions instantly that suit every client and their needs.

Ensuring Relevance

Our team consists of passionate, creative individuals who live and breathe digital and understand how to create content that is relatable and remains consistent to the audience.


We aim to provide only the very best results, always on time. We are motivated by excellence and strive to provide strategies and services to ensure outcomes according to client needs.

We work with clients across the globe

Based in South Africa in the cities of Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Mossel Bay and in the agricultural hubs of the Matzikama, Hantam regions and Klein Karoo, we work with clients across the globe.



Social Media Engineering

We lead and grow the digital media presence of companies by launching campaigns and overseeing daily management of their social media platforms.

Web and App Ecosystems

Our team of developers have mastered the skills required to create state-of-the-art apps and websites to fulfill the specific needs of every client.

Building Communities

Building virtual communities for clients is part of our vision at Lightspeed. We are able to develop active and engaging communities for a client’s brand and their services or products.

Audience Development

Not only do we focus on establishing new connections, we also work strongly with our client’s existing following to further develop engagement, connections and relationships.

Direct Marketing

Our direct marketing approach is primarily centered around the development of e-zine magazines, mobile-friendly digital newsletters, app messaging and other techniques to reach different audiences – all with specific messaging.

Media Liaison and Public Relations

As part of creating and developing a sound digital presence for each of our clients, we assume media liaison responsibilities and can take on all PR duties.

Ignite Influencers

Lightspeed Digital Media has created strong, empowering connections with many macro and micro social influencers as well as celebrities from all different sections of the market, to ensure natural message endorsement.

Live Media

Lightspeed Digital Media is a leader in creating and managing live media across platforms for brands by using videos, photos, text and even animation during events and for specific projects. We have the skills to create relevant, current and appealing Live Media.

Digital Publishing

Lightspeed Digital Media is a full-fledged media house, specialising in digital publishing solutions, including creating Newsstand Apps and Adobe-pages, online PDF and even print-ready formats.


How to keep up in the era of digital progression

Technological innovation has transformed the way we work, play, interact, and behave. If today’s marketers want to gain meaningful traction — and outshine rivals — they must allocate budgets and target messaging with the precision of a surgeon.

Generation Z –
The elusive generation:

Each generation comes with a unique set of behaviours, and presents a unique set of challenges for those looking to reach them. For the last decade or so, Millennials have been the generation that every brand has had to engage as their spending power has grown.

If you’re looking for help with digital marketing strategies, app and website development, design and maintenance or would like to talk to us about our content solutions, marketing and social management, then please call us.


Lightspeed Digital Media has an array of talented, youthful and creative individuals who have a firm understanding of the importance the digital world has in the modern day. We have a strong team of developers and designers, content writers, online strategists, project managers and business managers who are based nationwide.

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